Tuesday, 18 October 2016

How to Clean Oil Filter of your Pulsar

This is an easy DIY which will help you clean the engine oil filter of your Pulsar. This DIY is applicable of Pulsar 150, Pulsar 180, Pulsar 200 and Pulsar 220. Oil filter is a necessary element in an engine that is used to clean dirt particles in engine oil and saves the engine from wear and tear. You should clean the oil filter of your motorcycle every 15k to 20k kms.

Tools Required.

* 17mm T spanner.
* 8mm T spanner.
* Star Screwdriver.

Step 1: Drain the oil from the engine by removing the 17mm bolt. You can find that bolt near the engine number scription on the left side of the vehicle.

Step 2: Remove the clutch plate cover by removing the 8mm bolts and the self motor cover.
Step 3: Remove the three bolts on the centrifugal oil filter with the help of star screwdriver. Open its cover carefully without damaging the gasket and clean the insides of the filter.

Clean centrifugal oil filter. 
 Step 4: Now remove the three 8mm bolts near the yellow gear and pull the oil filter out.
 Step 5: Remove the clip on the net clean the filter.
 Step 6: Now fit everything back as it was and don't forget any small part. Put new oil in the engine and enjoy.

Note: The little thing shown in the picture below is placed on the clutch cover. Make sure it doesn't fall of while you put back the cover. It has three parts A metal ring, a plastic pipe and a spring. It is used to keep the yellow gear in its place.

Thursday, 17 March 2016

Changing the disc brake pads of Pulsar

To change the worn out pads, get a new set from authorized dealer for around ₹200 a set. You must have certain tools to get the job done. Btw it is a very easy process. If you face any trouble feel free to ask. Here's a video of the DIY.

Thursday, 9 January 2014

How to change the parking lights of Pulsar 220 ? :solved

If you want to remove change the parking lights of your Pulsar 220, follow the steps below.

● Remove the 2 screws of reg. no. plate.

● Remove the 4 screws of the black plastic cover.

● Now insert your hand up inside the fairing and take out the bulb

● Now insert the LED bulb or whaterver bulb you want.
And you're done.

Tuesday, 31 December 2013

Increase your Pulsar's performance

If you are thinking that your pulsar is not performing as it performed when it was new, then you should better check your spark plugs. The spark plugs are  very important parts of petrol engines. Spark plugs can be cleaned with alcohol or kerone. For rubbing out the carbon deposit you can use sand paper. If your spark plug look as shown in the picture, then it definately needs cleaning.

To take out the spark plug you need 16mm tube spanner. You may have to take out the fuel tank a bit to unscrew the left plug.

For Pulsar's the spark plug needs to be cleaned in every 2500km. The manual says to replace both plugs at every 10000km.

Pulsar has Champion plugs as stock.

You can even opt for NGK Iridium plugs if your wallet is happy.

Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Petronas Oil Review for Pulsar 220 Dts-Fi

Engine Oils I've Used 

Bosch 20W40  200/-
Castrol GTX 20W50 280/-
Bajaj Dts-i 10000 350 apprx
Petronas Syntium 4T 430/-

1 Petronas Syntium 4T
2 Bajaj Dts-i 10000
3 Castrol Gtx
4 Bosch 20W40

Currently I am using Petronas oil. It the best oil I've used. It makes the engine super smooth. Out of these four you should only use Petronas or Bajaj 10000, Use the other two for your splendor. I've not used Motul oils so can't compare to them. When you open the seal you can see the yellow colored oil not like other's which are red. Don't even think of smelling it. It has a very sharp smell which will get in your brain. 

Let me tell you my one experience:

Today when I was riding on the highway, I twisted the throttle and the bike reached 115kmph very smoothly but when I saw the Speedo console the RPM was 10000 and gear change light blinking, then I realised that I was in 4th gear and there was still one left to go. The engine was so smooth even at 10000 rpm that I thought the bike is in 5th gear.

 The above pic is of Bosch 20W40 which I removed at 200KM as I got to know that this is not the right thing for my bike. Now I'll use it to lubricate my bike's chain.
"Ab kuch to karna padega na 200 rupae jo diye hain"

 Made in Malaysia

Imported Oil
Petronas Office is at Petronas Twin Towers, Kula Lumpur, Malaysia.

Thursday, 23 May 2013

Pulsar 220 Modified

This is the best modify i've ever seen on a pulsar. The modified Pulsar 220 (a.k.a. Rouser 220) that you see here is built on an Aprilia Deltabox frame. The fairing, fuel tank and most of the body panels have been taken from GSX600. The fairing supports the same headlamp and, the front end of the bike looks absolutely stunning when viewed in profile. Oh, and the Bugs Bunny ears continue to perform the duty of RVMs. The front section also gets upside-down forks from the R6 along with the R6 front disc brakes. The 17 inch rims and the swingarm seem to have been donated by a Honda RVF400. The rims come wearing Michelin rubber, with the front getting 120/70 and rear getting 180/55 spec footwear. I just love Indonesian people for their super modifications on Pulsar. God bless'em.
Article by :- www.facebook.com/sandwichk

Sunday, 10 March 2013

The Ghost Ryderz

India's best stunt team on India's no.1 sports bike : Pulsar

Watch the fantastic stunt video of Ghost Ryderz