Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Petronas Oil Review for Pulsar 220 Dts-Fi

Engine Oils I've Used 

Bosch 20W40  200/-
Castrol GTX 20W50 280/-
Bajaj Dts-i 10000 350 apprx
Petronas Syntium 4T 430/-

1 Petronas Syntium 4T
2 Bajaj Dts-i 10000
3 Castrol Gtx
4 Bosch 20W40

Currently I am using Petronas oil. It the best oil I've used. It makes the engine super smooth. Out of these four you should only use Petronas or Bajaj 10000, Use the other two for your splendor. I've not used Motul oils so can't compare to them. When you open the seal you can see the yellow colored oil not like other's which are red. Don't even think of smelling it. It has a very sharp smell which will get in your brain. 

Let me tell you my one experience:

Today when I was riding on the highway, I twisted the throttle and the bike reached 115kmph very smoothly but when I saw the Speedo console the RPM was 10000 and gear change light blinking, then I realised that I was in 4th gear and there was still one left to go. The engine was so smooth even at 10000 rpm that I thought the bike is in 5th gear.

 The above pic is of Bosch 20W40 which I removed at 200KM as I got to know that this is not the right thing for my bike. Now I'll use it to lubricate my bike's chain.
"Ab kuch to karna padega na 200 rupae jo diye hain"

 Made in Malaysia

Imported Oil
Petronas Office is at Petronas Twin Towers, Kula Lumpur, Malaysia.