Tuesday, 31 December 2013

Increase your Pulsar's performance

If you are thinking that your pulsar is not performing as it performed when it was new, then you should better check your spark plugs. The spark plugs are  very important parts of petrol engines. Spark plugs can be cleaned with alcohol or kerone. For rubbing out the carbon deposit you can use sand paper. If your spark plug look as shown in the picture, then it definately needs cleaning.

To take out the spark plug you need 16mm tube spanner. You may have to take out the fuel tank a bit to unscrew the left plug.

For Pulsar's the spark plug needs to be cleaned in every 2500km. The manual says to replace both plugs at every 10000km.

Pulsar has Champion plugs as stock.

You can even opt for NGK Iridium plugs if your wallet is happy.

Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Petronas Oil Review for Pulsar 220 Dts-Fi

Engine Oils I've Used 

Bosch 20W40  200/-
Castrol GTX 20W50 280/-
Bajaj Dts-i 10000 350 apprx
Petronas Syntium 4T 430/-

1 Petronas Syntium 4T
2 Bajaj Dts-i 10000
3 Castrol Gtx
4 Bosch 20W40

Currently I am using Petronas oil. It the best oil I've used. It makes the engine super smooth. Out of these four you should only use Petronas or Bajaj 10000, Use the other two for your splendor. I've not used Motul oils so can't compare to them. When you open the seal you can see the yellow colored oil not like other's which are red. Don't even think of smelling it. It has a very sharp smell which will get in your brain. 

Let me tell you my one experience:

Today when I was riding on the highway, I twisted the throttle and the bike reached 115kmph very smoothly but when I saw the Speedo console the RPM was 10000 and gear change light blinking, then I realised that I was in 4th gear and there was still one left to go. The engine was so smooth even at 10000 rpm that I thought the bike is in 5th gear.

 The above pic is of Bosch 20W40 which I removed at 200KM as I got to know that this is not the right thing for my bike. Now I'll use it to lubricate my bike's chain.
"Ab kuch to karna padega na 200 rupae jo diye hain"

 Made in Malaysia

Imported Oil
Petronas Office is at Petronas Twin Towers, Kula Lumpur, Malaysia.

Thursday, 23 May 2013

Pulsar 220 Modified

This is the best modify i've ever seen on a pulsar. The modified Pulsar 220 (a.k.a. Rouser 220) that you see here is built on an Aprilia Deltabox frame. The fairing, fuel tank and most of the body panels have been taken from GSX600. The fairing supports the same headlamp and, the front end of the bike looks absolutely stunning when viewed in profile. Oh, and the Bugs Bunny ears continue to perform the duty of RVMs. The front section also gets upside-down forks from the R6 along with the R6 front disc brakes. The 17 inch rims and the swingarm seem to have been donated by a Honda RVF400. The rims come wearing Michelin rubber, with the front getting 120/70 and rear getting 180/55 spec footwear. I just love Indonesian people for their super modifications on Pulsar. God bless'em.
Article by :- www.facebook.com/sandwichk

Sunday, 10 March 2013

The Ghost Ryderz

India's best stunt team on India's no.1 sports bike : Pulsar

Watch the fantastic stunt video of Ghost Ryderz 

Changing the Backlight of Speedo Console of Pulsar (Easy Way)

This method for changing the backlight colour of Pulsar is a easy one and doesn't require the de-soldering of existing LED's

Step 1: Cover the existing LED's with a black tape, this will prevent the orange light to come out.

Step 2: Install the white/blue LED's and give the power supply from the parking light.

Changing Back Light Colour of Speedo Console of Pulsar

Note: It's not advisable for a normal user to tinker with the cosole, unless you are ready to take the risk or very proficient and confident with your fine soldering skills. The Speedo console is worth 3000 rupee. So here we go. Step 1: The First and foremost step is to remove the unit from the bike. Detach the wiring from the back of the unit, and remove the screws marked in red.

Step 2: Now, after removing the cover. Remove the screws of the (1) face plate. (2) Pull the Tacho Needle straight and (3) Push Button Plastic Link

Step 3: You can see in the picture, three parts of console you are left with.

Step 4: Turn back the PCB LCD Unit. This one of the most crucial part. You need to carefully De-solder the LCD points from the PCB Unit. It's important that each and every single point is absolutely free (check with the twizeers that every point is freely moving. Remove the LCD Panel. Even a slight extra force can damage the LCD unit, so be careful.

Step 5 After removal of LCD Panel Unit- (1) Red Area Marked LEDs are the backlit for LCD. (2) Blue Colour Marked LEDs are for the Tacho Unit. (3) Green Marked LEDs are for the needle and Over Rev/Low Fuel Indicators (meant to untouched)

Step 6: Attach a 12V supply to the PCB to check the functioning of the LEDs (before and After changing of LEDs Note: Different version of Speedo Consoles have different setups.

Step 7: Here Comes the most important part. There are two ways to change the backlit. (1) De-Solder the existing LEDS and replace them with your preferred colour. However from experience I found out that even little heat damaged the PCB. After replacing the LED, only few of the replaced ones got lit. I double checked it and found the solder to be fine, but for some unknown reason some were not glowing. So next step was for "The Great Indain Juggad" (2) Remove the existing LEDs and paste strips of LED. These Strips have resistors inbuilt to work with 12Vs and paste over the PCB area.

Note the removed LEDs on the Picture

Step 8: If you are successful to change the LEDs than you are done. But with the Jugaad method, you need to connect the wires to draw power when the back-lit is supposed to be on.

The points on PCB back of the Socket, are points where it's supposed to be soldered. Step 9: Results:

Cost Involved? 1 Meter Strip of LEDs : 300 Rs. (The minimum i got from wholesale dealers) Tools? Screwdrivers, Soldering Iron, Solder,Flux De-soldering Pump and wick and wires LED strips:

Thanks to Rahuldevnath for this Tutorial

10 Years of Leadership

Heres to the decade that has gone by on a Pulsar, and heres to the decades going to come...